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January 5, 2009

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Places you never knew existed

Experiences you will never forget

Locally owned and operated

Economic and environmental sustainability through high quality ecotourism

Whether you know it as West Papua, Irian Jaya, Western New Guinea or Propinisi Papua, the magical lands at the eastern end of Indonesia remain rarely visited and absolutely unique. No-one regrets visiting and most wish they had visited sooner. The shocking thing is how little people know about this magical destination.

Kobela Tours is West Papua’s most respected ecotourism operator and it offers something foreign operated companies can’t: An authentic experience. It is owned and operated by the local community for the benefit of the local community and the continuing sustainability of this pristine natural environment.

West Papua boasts the tallest mountain in Oceania, equatorial glaciers, lowland jungles, villages in the tree tops, ancient cultural practices, dramatic festivals, dense swamps, navigatable rivers, coral reef diving, friendly people and a stunning range of bird and animal life. You will be a welcome and priviledged guest in a land beyond time.

Call Isaac on +62 085 244 027 537 for immediate service in English.

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